“This product is by far one of the BEST products I have EVER used for my kid’s meal times! It’s a food catcher from @mummaslittlehelpers”
— Baby Food Universe
Super happy with our new catcher! Has made cleaning up 1000 times easier!
— Cariss
Thank you so much for my mumma’s little helper! It’s fantastic! Saves so much time not needing to clean my floor after each meal 😃 best invention ever!! 👏
— Nicole
“This has definitely made meal times so much more fun! No messy food to pick up off the floor. Love this Food Catcher.”
— Kaleigh


Making life easier.

Helps parents doing both puree and or Baby Led Weaning/BLW


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  • Waterproof, wipeable and machine washable

  • Has a LARGE 'catch zone' for food dropped/thrown down the front, sides and lap

  • Easy to attach and remove to ANY 4 legged high chair

  • Scoop food out at the end of the meal - Clean up finished

  • Attaches to high chair trays and under the dining table

  • Attachments available to fit your Stokke Tripp Trapp


I was a bit hesitant to spend the money on one of these but the 2 week money back guarantee swayed me. I’m so glad I did! It has only not caught 1 piece of banana my son threw over his shoulder. I love that I can leave it and come back to clean it up when I don’t have any “helping hands”.
— Aliesha

Standard Wipeable - Wipe down clean in place, machine washable as well. Suits smaller chairs, Phil and Teds, Stokkes (Tripp Trapp with extra attachments), IKEA (works with both sizes).

Extra Large Wipeable - Wider Catch Zone! Suits big high chairs e.g: IKEA, Peg Perego, dining chairs with booster seats.

The high chair Food Catcher attaches with hook and loop strips to any four legged high chair. It hangs out the sides and out the front so the food doesn’t drop and SPLAT onto the floor. Additionally, it catches all food that is dropped into the lap and left to be discovered later (think squished banana). Long enough at the front so it’s little bother to your Little One and not restricting their leg movements (read wild kicking) and the hook and loop attachments on the tray are strategically located that even when your Little One can reach them they are challenging to detach. It’s easy to clean up after meals. Just take your Little One out and wipe all the food off the seat and tray into the catcher. Scoop the food out of the catcher while it is still attached, and leave it attached until it's time to throw in the wash or wipe down. It is really that easy.

The Food Catcher is completely waterproof for the ‘wear the drink’ days. It is made from cotton PUL (cloth nappy and nappy bag material) and durable. Your Food Catcher will last through many years of discarded lovingly prepared meatballs and broccoli for many children.

The Food Catcher works for the parents' who are either, the 'washers' or the 'wipers'. Some parents' find it easier to just throw things in the washing machine (this is me, total 'washer' mum) and some parents' find it easier to grab a cloth or sponge and give it a wipe down - all finished. 

The Food Catcher really will make meal times and clean up much easier reducing both time taken and your stress levels. However if your Little One is the next Brett Lee or Glenn McGrath and occasionally practices bowling with their food, those days you may need to bend!

The Food Catcher helps with baby led weaning. You naturally give them more freedom as you know it won’t be a bomb site at the end of the meal. Sit back and enjoy watching what their imagination can do with mash. For more information promoting messy play we recommend the ‘Raising Children Network’ which is an Australian parenting website http://raisingchildren.net.au/articles/messy_eaters.html/context/729


The Food Catcher comes in a great bag made from the fabric remnants. This reduces wastage, which is really important for our world today. The bag can be used to carry nappies, water bottles, snacks and anything else you think of. It is always good to have an extra bag around.