high chair food catcher twins

I bought these food catchers for my twin girls. I've been baby led weaning my girls since 6 months. Since they  turf most food over the side I have spent too much of my time on the floor cleaning up after them...I thought it was definitely time to buy a Food Catcher. Can I just say ..what a lifesaver these Food Catchers are! No mess all over the floor. Just scoop up all unwanted  food - I even grab stuff they chucked in the Food Catcher and put it back on their table! Time and sanity saver! Easy to clean too. Thanks mummas little helpers! 

Gimly Dathan, Sydney

As a busy mum of two boys the Food Catcher has been a god-send as it saves me time and makes mealtimes less stressful. I find I'm also using less wipes to clean under the highchair as all the dropped food is caught in the catcher, not squashed on the floor like before. After the meal I just scoop the scraps out with a small bowl, give it a quick wipe and voila...clean!  But if the catcher gets really messy simply chuck in the washing machine and it dries super fast on the clothes line. It's quick and easy to pop back on the highchair. Awesome product, easy to use, time-saver. I highly recommend the Food Catcher. It has made mealtimes a pleasant experience for us :)

Patricia Garraway, Darwin.


I have to say that the Food Catcher has been one of the most useful baby products I have bought.  My gorgeous little boy loves his food, he loves to eat it, smear it and drop it.  The Food Catcher has made this exploration easier on me, as I can confidently pick-up anything he drops into the catcher and put it back on his plate, so that he can have another go.  The catcher is also easy to clean, as I scoop out the pieces, then wipe down the catcher, ready to go for the next meal or snack.  I highly recommend the catcher for anyone going down the path of baby lead weaning and for babies who are self feeding. 

Sussie Walker, Concord West.

When my son was 20 months, his experimentation with how far different food could travel & what it looked like on the floor, reached its peak. Living in a rented, carpeted apartment, I found myself getting agitated with my son & stressed every time he displayed this normal developmental behaviour. Taking the time & effort to clean up after every single meal, there was still yesterdays raspberry stains next to last weeks Bolognese stains. 

So when I heard about Mumma’s Little Helpers' Food Catcher, I thought it was a great idea but I must admit I was sceptical, until I tried it for the first time. And I was impressed- this is seriously one bit of extra help no mother can do without! It was incredibly easy to attach to my son’s high chair & not only did it capture most of the mess, it was waterproof too! I found the Food Catcher easy to detach & empty into the bin, so convenient to clean in the washing machine & easy to fold & pack if travelling to Nana & Pop’s place. 

Worth every single penny, Mumma’s Little Helpers' Food Catchers are not only practical & easy to use; they have saved me much needed time, & my rented carpet, from food stains. And they also come in a range of funky colours. My son, now 26-months-old, on the odd occasion still manages some food on the floor but I can’t go back to meal times without it. 

Shara Smith, Randwick.